Worthington Industries factory employees

Safety Culture

Protecting Our Greatest Asset
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Worthington Industries factory employees

Safety First

At Worthington Industries, we believe that our people are our most important asset. And to that end, we also believe that even one injury is too many. That’s why we constantly strive to improve our safety culture and mitigate risk in our facilities.

A Culture of Safety

 Our goal is ZERO — zero accidents or injuries every day.
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Maintaining a Safety Culture

Because manufacturing is a high-risk environment, Worthington Industries deploys strong procedures and guidelines to help keep employees safe while working. For nearly two decades, our internal SafeWorks program has been instrumental in driving a world-class safety culture.        

We follow, and in many cases exceed, OSHA standards of safety in our facilities. As a result, we consistently trend lower on recordable rates than our industry peers, according to OSHA data.


Safeworks in action

SafeWorks is about leading with safety. Nearly every meeting starts with a safety briefing. Safety metrics top employees’ lists of performance goals, from the greenest production associate up to senior leadership. And we constantly work to identify hazards, reduce risk and implement new safety procedures. Worthington employees are encouraged to report beyond what is required by OSHA, including near misses. Reporting an incident or near miss is celebrated because it is an opportunity to prevent a future incident.  
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The Safety Effect

Keeping our employees safe and healthy is our number one priority, but the benefits of this focus extend throughout our business. For our employees, it means less time out of work due to injury and less chance of long-term injury effects. For our customers, it means a reliable workforce and a consistent product — and a partnership that promotes good corporate citizenship. From the moment someone steps into the facility to begin crafting a product to the time the end user receives it, we will always operate with a safety-first mindset.

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