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Supporting the Unique Needs of Our Customers
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Engineering Innovative Solutions

The Worthington Industries engineering team has an eye for innovation. Whether it’s making processes safer and more efficient in our facilities, designing a new product to fill a market gap, or making improvements to an existing product, our design and process engineers ensure that our products and processes are built to the highest standards.
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Value-add Expertise

Our engineers do more than ensure the top quality you expect from a Worthington product — they listen to your needs and provide ongoing support. Our engineering and sales teams work in tandem with our customers to identify opportunities for improvement and then work to develop and implement solutions. Our goal is that the end user, whether it is our direct customer or their own customers, receives a top-quality product that is safe and easy to use.
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Our Philosophy, Your Experience

Why is providing our customers with access to our engineering team important to us? The answer lies in Our Philosophy. For more than 50 years, Worthington Industries has operated under a “people-first” Philosophy that guides every aspect of our business. More than just words on a wall, it is infused in our culture — a culture that drives us to exert every effort to see that our customer’s quality and service requirements are met. Investing in engineering and innovation ensures that we can keep meeting your needs for years to come.

People first

We are dedicated to the belief that people are our most important asset.

Have Questions?

We have ears to listen, and experts who answer.