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Industry Involvement

Involved and Informed
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Representing Your Interests

Worthington Industries is proud to represent the customers we serve on a national level through our participation in key industry groups and our relationships with governing bodies. For several decades, we have stayed at the forefront of regulatory developments and worked to inform the decisions that affect our customers and peers. Our expertise is often sought after when standards and codes are being developed, including the development of new technologies and market applications.
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Compliance You Can Trust

Our industry participation drives our expertise in regulatory compliance. Our products are manufactured to serve highly technical, performance-critical markets that need to meet strict regulatory requirements. Our customers know that the Worthington name is synonymous with “trust” — the trust that a Worthington product will always meet, or even exceed, all of the necessary measures of compliance.
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Your Partner in Education

From carton labeling, to transportation guidelines, to liaising with the Department of Transportation, we can help you ensure legal and regulatory compliance across every facet of your own processes to meet the goals of containment of hazardous materials. We’re in-the-know about industry developments, helping you proactively prepare for upcoming changes.

Rolling up our sleeves

The industry groups with which Worthington Industries maintains a relationship or membership include: