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Quality You Can Trust

Great quality starts with integrity. Worthington Industries is committed to delivering the product we promise, and we invest time and resources into our quality system accordingly. Our dedicated team of in-house quality engineering experts applies technical resources to ensure that each product that leaves a Worthington facility is of the highest quality possible.
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Delivering Our Promises

In addition to our in-house team of quality experts, we use third-party certifications to measure our quality systems. We are committed to achieving and exceeding ISO certification and best practices wherever appropriate, and proactively conduct third-party ISO audits and internal audits to maintain and improve our quality system. Our mindset of continuous improvement extends to all parts of our supply chain, resulting in a better product for you.
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Inspiring Confidence

Our industry-leading technical expertise has led to a consistency of product that is unmatched in our industry. When you partner with Worthington, you can do so with confidence that you will receive exactly what you expect — and that it will meet all necessary industry quality standards. Simply put, we make products you can depend on.

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