Makers of Innovative

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Tap Into Boundless Potential

Progress never rests and neither do we. We’re tireless in our pursuit of new ideas and innovations, working continuously to meet the evolving needs of our customers’ and their end-users.


Transformative Partnership

Our New Product Development Team takes a strategic approach to creating better solutions. We’re dedicated to improving products and utilize many dynamic capabilities to achieve our customers’ goals. By interpreting customer insights and applying our expertise in engineering and industrial design, we uncover greater possibilities.


Proven Problem Solving

We focus on our customers’ needs to deliver the right solutions. From better product designs that improve usability and save time, to better logistics that offer more peace of mind, we support success by providing high-quality and differentiated products.

Explore Our Innovations

See how we’ve made strides in heating, cooling and construction solutions.

SmartLid® Remote Tank Monitoring

Our revolutionary monitoring system delivers tank level readings in real time and is designed to stand up to anything while keeping service calls to an absolute minimum.

Highpoint™ Extraction Cylinders

Highpoint tanks support cleanliness and purity, ensuring extraction-grade solvents are contained in an environment created with the unique needs of extraction professionals in mind.