Tank Monitor SmartLid®

for Horizontal Above-Ground Tanks
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Featuring a state-of-the-art Otodata® monitor protected by a durable high strength plastic lid, SmartLid combines industry-leading battery life, cutting-edge technology and uncompromising reliability.


Waterproof Polypropylene lid

SmartLid’s durable lid stands up to anything while both protecting and hiding valuable components.

Industry-leading battery life

Equipped with a long-lasting lithium thionyl chloride battery with super capacitor, SmartLid gives you one less thing to worry about.

SmartLid for Horizontal above-ground tanks

Easy step-by-step instructions for installing the SmartLid on Horizontal above-ground propane tanks. No tools required.
SmartLid Specifications
NameStandard ValueMetric Value
 Dimensions 20.7 in x 16.4 in x 10.3 in 525.8 mm x 416.6 mm x 261.6 mm
 Lid Weight 3.5 lbs1.6 kg 
 Cellular Technology Dual SIM, CAT-M, NBIOT  Dual SIM, CAT-M, NBIOT
 Sensor & Gauge Input Level Level
 Power Inputs Hybrid LTC 7.2 VDC, LTC 3.6 VDC Hybrid LTC 7.2 VDC, LTC 3.6 VDC
 Battery Life ~ 15 years ~ 15 years
 Reporting Schedule Unlimited, configurable
 Unlimited, configurable
 Material Polypropylene Polypropylene
 Operating Temperature Range-22°F to 140°F -40°C to 60°C
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