Solutions for Commercial and Residential Applications
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The jobsite demands proven solutions that won’t slow down progress. Worthington’s cylinders deliver the performance and reliability busy teams need to do their work better. We rigorously test our products to ensure they meet or exceed industry and safety regulations, so our customers can move forward efficiently with greater confidence.

We Help You Build It Better

We offer a variety of products and solutions to power commercial construction success.

Heating and System Tanks

Our propane (LPG) cylinders are available in many sizes and provide quiet, reliable sources of fuel for heat and power needs. During the pandemic, propane power has made it possible for pop-up hospitals and testing tents to serve the public.

Foam & Adhesive Products

Whether it’s distributing adhesives for flooring or roofing, or spraying foam for insulation, our cylinders safely contain and transport your substances.

Aluminum Forklift Cylinders

Propane powered forklifts reduce emissions and provide 100% power throughout operation, boosting productivity while still being environmentally conscious.

SmartLid® Remote Tank Monitoring

Our revolutionary monitoring system delivers tank level readings in real time and is designed to stand up to anything while keeping service calls to an absolute minimum.

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